The Transpersonal Path to Peace

THE GREATEST ARTISTS and wisdom masters in history have always had one major thing in common. Their love of the transcendent.

To cultivate a love of the transcendent one must develop a certain habit. That habit is to view a particular object in light of its relationship to the world as a whole and, further, to see the singular individual — oneself — as the embodiment of humanity personified.

This idea may sound overblown on the face of it, but it is not as far beyond the average, ordinary person as it might seem when one considers that it serves mainly as a guiding star for those whose hearts are open to such an idea.

We might recall the wise words of the Sufi poet, Kabir, here: “When the Divine is being searched for, it is the intensity of the longing for the Divine that does all of the work.”

In other words, one does not need to sweat it, for if one truly believes that there is a Divine power within the cosmos as a whole and that the Divine itself is the whole, then we are ever and always existing within it at all times.

To put it more succinctly in holographic terms: We are within the whole and the whole is within us.

Thus, if we truly long to know the Divine, which is already suffusing every cell of our being, then it is simply a matter of concentrating our attention and energy upon it during deep meditation that we may sense it. The Divine, in this instance, is apprehended as some form of numinous energy.

This may be, in fact, the best that we can hope for or achieve in terms of “knowing” this Supreme Power directly, although there are countless anecdotes by advanced practitioners of meditation and yoga that speak of further, higher level forms of communication. For those of us who do not spend hours upon hours in meditation, however, this will generally be what may come of our efforts.

Nevertheless, it is our longing — our yearning — to know the Divine that keeps us tuning in with our minds and hearts as Kabir says and that is certainly valuable in its own right. If we are consistently mindful of our longing to know the Divine, then “it” will be mindful of us. This is karma in action. “What goes around, comes around.”

Great artists and wisdom masters are people who have learned how to develop just such a habit and, therefore, habitually reach a state of sentient awareness in which they are able to perceive life at a higher, more transpersonal level. In this state of being, the view is of a more fulsome spectrum, one which supersedes that of one’s own individual, or narrow band, perceptions.

To extrapolate a little further, we can say that what this ultimately delivers up, quite fortuitously, is an empathetic viewpoint that takes all of humanity into consideration, instead of simply one’s own particular self-interests. Taking the plight of others into one’s own heart-consciousness, in turn, generates a sense of compassion, which is spirituality’s greatest quality.

As even the simplest among us know, history is a record of humanity’s efforts to expand and grow in collective units; to create civilizations of great power with ever more elaborate architecture and manufacturing capabilities, with institutions of governance side by side with religious orders, which together raise up unique cultural expressions.

The stain of the profane, however, taints all that a civilization constructs over time as economic demands and the need for resources grows ever larger in tandem with what is being collectively created. Thus, theft, deception, torment, torture, enslavement and war (among other dark qualities) ensue. A class system falls naturally into place and the fortunes of the few become greater than that of the many and eventually we are left with the “haves” and “have nots”.

As a result, we eventually end up with a world such as the one we know today.

This collective history lives within every man and woman on the planet. The more one has read of this history and the wider one has traveled and experienced the various cultures across the globe, the more the totality of this vast spectrum fills the mind and the heart. When one fully begins to grasp this totality in its essence, the deeper the comprehension becomes of its transpersonal nature.

To walk the transpersonal path of peace is the one sure way to grow spiritually if that is what one truly desires.

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