The Planetary Colossi

BIG GOVERNMENT, BIG TECH, BIG PHARMA… We’ve all heard these phrases time and again and who is not aware that there are industrial giants and global corporations so widespread that their production facilities and office compounds sprawl across every quarter of the planet? Huge, indeed massive, profits are made by these enterprises. Collectively, they have such a staggeringly colossal influence over all that happens on worldly stages from Washington DC to London to Paris to Berlin to Moscow to Tokyo, from Brasilia to Johannesburg to Singapore to Sydney to Beijing that their impact is almost inconceivable to the “average, ordinary” person.

Indeed, the top 1% of humanity, we’ve been informed, is financially worth more than the combined 50% of the bottom half of the world’s populace, which makes the word “big” seem like almost too small a word, especially for describing the imperious and luxurious lifestyles these people enjoy.

As for we “average, ordinary” souls, we may or may not have all that we need, let alone all that we want or desire.

With the deficits of the planet’s richest countries running into the billions and trillions of nowadays, what hope is there, one wonders, that any government will ever attain a balanced budget again and increase the humble lot of its citizens. What hope is there that our progeny will escape having to pay off these debts for hundreds of years to come? What hope is there that the economic powerhouses of this earth will ever choose to redress the disparities that so dominate the “average, ordinary” people of our planet?

Only the top 1% know the answer to these questions, for they alone are in a position to do anything about it.

Will they, though?

The answer to that question is again only on those at the top.

How did it all get so out of hand?

When I was initially researching the “Illuminati” as a group, and conspiracy theory in general for my first novel, The Dream Illuminati, the most pervasive and deeply fearful chatter that was doing the rounds in those days concerned the notion of a One World government. This global government was said to be in its formative stages. It was said that the Illuminati was behind it and that their secretive cabal was comprised of international groups that were all working in unison under an umbrella organization known as the Round Table, and they had already taken over the world.

What is the Round Table?

According to the rumor mill, the Round Table consists of such groups as the United Nations, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderberg Group, the Club of Rome and the Royal Institute of International Affairs, among others. These are the culprits. So the various and sundry writers and underground journalists insisted back in the day and still insist at this very moment.

I found (and find) that intriguing, terrifying and exhilarating all at the same time.

Only one thing is for certain in my mind: I have no idea what is really true. I only know that these groups are clearly being run by millionaires and billionaires, and that no mainstream journalists are being apprised about what these groups are doing, nor what they are planning behind the scenes. After all, no reporters are allowed into the rooms where these titans of government, industry and the corporate boardrooms of the earth are said to be holed up, which only adds to the mystery and the intrigue.

As a fledgling writer back in the day, I thought I might make an impact by exposing these cryptic cabals in my books and, by doing so, might help bring about a redress of the economic imbalance that seems so unfair. Such books I soon learned, however, can barely stir up a dust devil, let alone get the “masses” to take to the street in protest. Even bestsellers that allege proof of who these culprits are essentially make very little impact. After all, what are we supposed to do? Storm the gates? Of which place? Where? When?

“So what?” I finally said. I was lucky. I had modest wants and needs, and I knew how to keep my head well below the proverbial parapet. What I had discovered was that material wealth and power over others were not even what I wanted. Did I really need a mansion and a supercar? Did I need to socialize in the most expensive venues or wear the most fashionable clothes on the market just to impress those with whom I happened to come into contact?

The answer in a word was, “No!”

Did I need to work my way up toward the top in some boardroom in one of the wealth capitols of the world?

No, I did not!

Did I need to have a pack of celebrity paparazzi chasing after me because I was so important?

Absolutely not.

Those who envy the rich, the powerful and the privileged can go chasing those things on their own time if they want and leave me to my own interests, I decided. I came to realize that being “worldly” can cut two ways. It can refer to being extremely materialistic as a person or as being metaphysically wise.

The metaphysically wise view worldliness in a transcendent manner, seeing life from a higher perspective; namely from an inner realization that materialism is a finite adventure that always inevitably ends in having to suffer the loss of all that one has gained in its pursuit. Yes, even billionaires cannot live forever or even for many more years than the “average, ordinary person”.

The metaphysically wise understand that the realm of spirituality in contrast to materiality carries infinitely greater promise, for spiritual riches need never be lost. They can be carried over into the realms that exist beyond the material world if one learns how to work with invisible energies rather than exclusively with physical energies.

The spiritual realm is not just titanic in its own right, it is far greater in magnitude and scope than any religious, political or social institution on the planet. It is greater than any bank account or investment portfolio, however sizeable. It is greater than all of the possessions owned by the top 1% in the world combined.

Of course, we are all dazzled by wealth and opulence, but these are but a symbolic simulation of the infinite spiritual abundance that surrounds us at every minute of our lives, however modest our circumstances may be in this world. The trick to fulfilling ourselves in this regard is in learning to sense the infinite spiritual abundance all around us as often as possible by cultivating mindfulness and deep appreciation for what we have right here and right now. Simply having what we need to survive at a physical level is a sufficient basis for cultivating our spiritual proclivities.

The antithesis for cultivating one’s spiritual propensity is by clinging to greed by the already wealthy and by fostering envy by those who feel materially deprived. In other words, there is detriment at both ends of the spectrum and herein lies the challenge for those given to either greed or envy.

The true planetary colossi are those people who are big enough to indulge in neither greed nor envy and stay ever mindful and appreciative of what they have, providing it is at no one else’s expense.

The true planetary colossi are those who are big-hearted, generous and compassionate, and understand that we humans are all equal.

The true planetary colossi are those who see that the Earth is but one world in an infinite expanse of space-time, hurtling along beside other worlds within a staggeringly huge solar system, galaxy and universe that is, once again, but a symbolic simulation of a titanic spiritual reality that is eternal and unfathomable in nature, and always will be.

To know just this much is greater than all the riches in all the worlds combined.

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