Spiritual Liberation, Paranormal Mystery & the Magic of the Soul-Quest

THE SOUL-QUEST IS LIFE’S GREAT CHALLENGE. Personally, I think of it as a multidimensional journey in evolutionary novelty. Each of us is unique, after all, and every single day is a novel experience for us. This could account for humanity’s obsession with all things “new” and this idea sums up what I think is going on in these lives of ours. This world, this domain, this time-based plane of existence, is one in which all things must have an inception and an end. Each of us, as well as every type of living thing, is born into this world and eventually dies. What mystics, metaphysicians, yogis, wisdom masters and those who have had a near-death experience tell us, however, is that this universe is not the primary reality. It is a secondary realm which comes out of, or from, a reality which is eternal in nature. “Eternal” means outside of, or beyond, time. Some physicists speculate that the quantum realm may, in fact, be such a domain. If so, that which exists in the primary realm is not subject to birth and death. To put it another way, everything in the primary reality is essentially birthless and deathless.

The question is: Can we humans even conceive of such a domain?

Buddha once said: “Awareness is the path to the deathless.” After all, what is it that never changes throughout our lives? The answer I think is awareness. During a night of dream revelations once, I learned what seemed to me to be the ultimate secret of our existence. This truth, however, is not one which can be put into human words I discovered. There is apparently another way of knowing and it was my great good fortune to be able to glean that truth in a very direct way. While this may seem unsatisfying to our rational way of thinking, this is, apparently, simply how life is, like it or not. This means that the ultimate nature of reality is, and perhaps always will be, a great mystery and far different than we generally tend to believe or can even understand from a human perspective. Nevertheless, as I postulate in The Journey Across Forever, maybe reality is stranger than we think for a reason. In my mind that possibility forms the basis for some intriguing speculation! Perhaps, for example, a higher intelligence is seeking to expand the human paradigm, which is why on occasion, a paranormal circumstance arises; one which opens us up in a way which no worldly experience can. In my view, the pursuit of truth may, in fact, necessitate that we continually entertain every worldly and otherworldly intrigue, while believing nothing absolutely. This is how we keep our options infinite and our minds and hearts open to new insights.

I came to this attitude after decades of reading, writing, meditating, traveling the world and engaging in various magical, shamanic and yogic pursuits. Perhaps in my case, it all began at age 11 when a flying disk flew very low over our family home on a sunny summer afternoon with not a cloud in the sky. This craft was transporting a very handsome couple, a man and a woman whom I have come to suspect were what some call “humanoid” beings. A few years after that, I encountered another strange craft very low in the night sky which left me deeply startled when it somehow seemed to become aware of me and altered its trajectory. Then the craft behaved so bizarrely that to this day I can scarcely believe what happened as I tell in my book.

If these encounters seem far-fetched, I would remind readers that in December of 2017 the New York Times published an article featuring the testimony of Luis Elizondo, who had just resigned as head of the Pentagon’s Aerospace Advanced Threat Identification Program. Elizondo was frustrated, it seems, that the government wasn’t being forthcoming about what he called “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena”. This, to many of us, was an acknowledgement that the UFO phenomenon is real. It constituted “disclosure”. Since then, of course, we have seen video footage of UAP by Navy pilots, among others. More recently, there have been hearings before U.S. congressional committees where highly respected figures are testifying as to the authenticity of these craft which seem, by all accounts, to be “not of this earth”. So, there is something strange and mysterious going on in our world which involves nonhumans, it seems, and which the U.S. military now acknowledges. My direct, first-hand encounters at a young age convinced me that the “Phenomenon” is definitely a genuine reality and the influence those experiences have had on me is incalculable.

Pursuing the answers to my wonderment in this regard eventually led me to the writings of (among others) Robert Anton Wilson (to whom The Journey Across Forever is dedicated), Jacques Vallée, Whitley Strieber and the investigative journalist, Jim Marrs, whom I met one day in Aurora, Texas where a spacecraft was said to have crashed in 1897. That incident, I learned, actually received press coverage in the Dallas Times Herald and, much later again, it received additional coverage in an episode of the series, Ancient Aliens, in which Jim was featuredWhat Jim wrote and the things he told me that day really helped me put the whole idea of the Phenomenon into perspective and so I offer my own condensed version of the possible reality of these craft and the entities within them in The Journey Across Forever in order to help others get to grips with what may be going on in this mysterious arena. Jim wrote in his book, Alien Agenda, that there are basically 3 types of nonhumans interacting with us in this world. They are the “Humanoids”, the “Grays” (made notorious by author, Whitley Strieber who, by the way, endorsed The Journey Across Forever), and the “Transcendentals” who may, in fact, be those beings we humans have called “angels” for millenniums.

Colonel John B. Alexander wrote the Foreword to The Journey Across Forever. He is the author of UFOs: Myths, Conspiracies and Realities. This is a book I highly recommend for it is quite instructive on this entire issue of the Phenomenon. As a military insider, the Colonel was able to cut through many a bureaucratic layer which most investigators are prohibited from accessing and he is an advanced level thinker in this arena. As well, he is the author of Reality Denied, subtitled Firsthand Experiences with Things that Can’t Happen, but Did. He also wrote two books on “nonlethal” weaponry, which makes him a rather unique military figure and a true spiritual warrior in my view.

The Journey Across Forever has its amusing side, as well, and carries a rather surreal, but true, tale of what happened to me when I was in Cairo one time to see the Pyramids of Giza. I won’t spoil the bizarre fun by writing more about it here, but it involved a bronze sphinx stolen from a museum, a smoldering hookah and a series of events which occurred while I had the stupendous good fortune of enjoying time alone in the Great Pyramid. Quite unbelievably, afterwards, I found myself being chased by the Egyptian police and might well have ended up in prison there had luck (or a higher intelligence?) not been on my side.

I believe that all of this ties quite intriguingly into what we humans have in common in terms of our evolutionary spirituality. If we strip away our cultural trappings, traditions right around the globe describe our spiritual nature in very similar terms. Whether we call it karma or the reaping of what we sow, the fact is our actions have consequences. Every religion describes these consequences in their own way, but essentially they are this: loving and compassionate actions lead to a fulfilling life here and now and, eventually, to a heavenly realm full of advanced spiritual beings and kindred souls once we pass from this earth, while abusive and violent behavior leads to a guilt-ridden life and to a sometimes torturous afterlife where one must atone for one’s transgressions. No state of being in the Hereafter, however, is endless. Eventually, one can find a way to move on and there is always help to be had from more advanced spiritual entities if we ask for it. What is important to realize is that our fate is always in our own hands. We can change our lives for the better at any point in time by being mindful of our every thought, word and deed.

For many people, it may seem impossible to become enlightened in a world that is so shockingly full of tragedy, horror, war and murder, and countless challenges, but let us remember what the Zen master, Suzuki Roshi, noted: “Strictly speaking,” he said, “there is no such thing as an enlightened person. There is only enlightened activity.” It is what we do that counts. We can act selfishly or with loving kindness. It’s an easy choice really and all it takes is vigilance over our own mind and emotions. In brief, the spiritual quest can be whatever we want it to be. It can be drab and dour or as exhilarating and fun as we choose to make it. The choice is, quite simply, up to each of us and that is the exciting and profound takeaway of The Journey Across Forever. This life can be magical for us if we grow wise enough to take nothing for granted and, even better, to see the miraculous in the mundane and the sacred in the profane. This is the path to spiritual liberation and to evolutionary advancement. In my view, we are all immortals and this life is but one chapter in a series that, not only goes on and on, but never actually ends.

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