Wayne Saalman

Spiritual Liberation, Paranormal Mystery & the Magic of the Soul-Quest

THE SOUL-QUEST IS LIFE’S GREAT CHALLENGE. Personally, I think of it as a multidimensional journey in evolutionary novelty. Each of us is unique, after all, and every single day is a novel experience for us. This could account for humanity’s obsession with all things “new” and this idea sums up what I think is going …

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The Planetary Colossi

BIG GOVERNMENT, BIG TECH, BIG PHARMA… We’ve all heard these phrases time and again and who is not aware that there are industrial giants and global corporations so widespread that their production facilities and office compounds sprawl across every quarter of the planet? Huge, indeed massive, profits are made by these enterprises. Collectively, they have …

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When Forgiving Is Impossible

SOME RUTHLESS, HEARTLESS, MURDEROUS acts are unforgivable. One does not need to apologize for saying that. Cold-blooded killing, imprisonment, torture, rape, abuse, the merciless ruin of reputation, the unwarranted theft or destruction of property, the savagery of warfare and so on are all reprehensible deeds which infuriate and cause outrage; they are acts which invite …

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