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The Journey Across Forever

A Magical Mystery Ride through the Prism of History in a Search for the Answers to Humanity’s Highest Dreams


Wayne Saalman

Wayne Saalman is an American author, currently living in Ireland. Saalman’s first novel The Dream Illuminati was published by New Falcon Publications in 1988 as was his second novel, The Illuminati of Immortality, in 1992. Both books carried extensive introductions by Robert Anton Wilson. The Dream Illuminati was updated, expanded and republished in 2010. His third novel, Dragonfire Dreams was published in 2015 followed by Crimson Firestorm Mars in 2019. All four novels explore the theme of human transcendence. He contributed a featured essay, A Journey Out of Darkness in The Galway Reflections, by Ken Bruen published by A.S.A.P Publishing in 2021. Saalman’s first non-fiction work, The Journey Across Forever, was published in 2023 by John Hunt Publishing, now Collective Ink. The Foreword to the book was written by Colonel John B Alexander, Ph. D.

Reviews for The Journey Across Forever

Throughout his writings, Wayne Saalman interlaces real occurrences that challenge the entire notion of pure materialism. Whether you accept or deny the reality of these astonishing events, they do happen. Anything that does happen, can happen. The challenge laid out by Saalman is for you, the reader, to become hyper aware of your surroundings and take advantage of the extraordinary gifts that are presented to you in this work.
John B. Alexander, Ph.D
Author of The Warrior's Edge, Reality Denied and UFOs: Myths, Conspiracies and Realities
This wonderful journey through light-years and mysteries will inspire and motivate the reader to look deeper into the world surrounding us. It frees the mind to wonder, and that is a beautiful thing.
Whitley Strieber
Author of Communion, Transformation, A New World, and other works.
Wayne Saalman in The Journey Across Forever presents the reader with a book of challenges, and responding to them will change your life. Saalman traces the idea that consciousness is causal and fundamental through the centuries from ancient spiritual teachers to modern physicists and shows the inadequacy of materialism. He addresses why understanding the primacy of consciousness is so important in understanding reality and your place in it.
Stephan A. Schwartz
Author of The 8 Laws of Change and Awakening
The Journey Across Forever is a phenomenal experience. It is a book that dares the reader to push past the veil and explore the realms of possibility. A must-read!
G L Davies
Author of Harvest: The True Story of Alien Abduction
The Journey Across Forever is an instant classic; it is a metaphysical masterclass. Wayne Saalman wows in this book with extraordinary true stories & essays on the transcendent destiny of humanity. The book is not only wise and scintillating. It shimmers, it vibrates, it resonates, it almost levitates! It enthralls and entertains— and it keeps the magic coming across 456 pages, projecting an unlimited faith that the fate of humankind is as bright as a pulsating quasar.
Ken Korczak
Author of The Man in the Nothing Chamber, Bird Brain Genius and other works.
The Journey Across Forever is a terrific read, full of brilliant ideas and insights. It may well be the best book you'll read this year.
Ken Bruen
Author of American Skin, Callous The Emerald Lie, Headstone, best known for his Jack Taylor series.

Other Reviews

“I think The Dream Illuminati speaks very eloquently for itself. It concerns dreams of flight and the book’s Order of Vimana is doubtless a poetic forecast of the mutation that lies before us. Even more startling, in the second novel of the series, The Illuminati of Immortality, Wayne Saalman presents us with a poetic vision of Hell, Purgatory and Heaven that rivals Dante.”
Robert Anton Wilson
Author of Cosmic Trigger, Prometheus Rising, Illuminatus and other acclaimed books.
“Dragonfire Dreams seems to me to be the very essence of life in 21st century America and in a wonderful right in your face narrative that shocks, astonishes, enlightens and, best of all – not only is the writing beautiful – it is vastly entertaining.”
Ken Bruen
Author of American Skin, The Emerald Lie, Headstone, best known for his 16 book Jack Taylor series.
"In Crimson Firestorm Mars, Saalman – a literary artist – eloquently weaves an exciting tapestry,adroitly interlacing facts with fiction, thus providing authenticity to this masterful volume. The concepts of Martian exploration are simultaneously stimulating and intellectually challenging. At its core, the book is cleverly designed to inspire dreams that someday may become reality".
Colonel John B Alexander, P.h.D
Author of The Warrior’s Edge, Reality Denied and UFOs: Myths, Conspiracies, and Realities
“A fascinating premise, brilliantly executed! Crimson Firestorm Mars is thought provoking, suspenseful and unputdownable. Wayne Saalman is definitely the real deal.”
Jason Starr
Author of Fugitive Red, Tough Luck, Twisted City and many other international bestsellers.
“Both The Dream Illuminati and The Illuminati of Immortality are books of pure magick. They are spectacularly futuristic and riveting novels. The two definitely made me smile.”
Timothy Leary
Author of Neuropolitique, The Intelligence Agents, The Game of Life and other paradigm smashing works.
“In The Dream Illuminati, Saalman takes us on a quantum leap beyond the collective unconscious into our futures. This is one of my all-time favorite books.”
Dr Christopher S. Hyatt
Author of Undoing Yourself, Secrets of Western Tantra, The Book of Lies and numerous other controversial works.
“As a reader I discovered sci-fi at an early age, and was enthralled with Robert Heinlein, Isaac Asimov and John Wyndham. I would place Wayne Saalman firmly into the camp of these masters. Crimson Firestorm Mars is a lot more than just a space story. It is an extraordinary, epic adventure tale with a great cast of characters. It’s a hang onto your seat ride from start to finish with a perfect ending; the final words extremely well crafted: ‘All of humanity will boldly go forth together to that crimson orb, chasing its greatest dream yet.’
Kelvin White
Author of The Hawaii Intervention and The Singapore Saga

*On: The Journey Across Forever

This wonderful journey through light-years and mysteries will inspire and motivate the reader to look deeper into the world around us. It frees the mind to wonder, and that is a beautiful thing.
Whitley Strieber
Author of Communion, Transformation and A New World.
“Dragonfire Dreams is a rocking, rolling esoteric thunderfest of myth, magic, murder and mayhem. In this psychological thriller, Wayne Saalman delivers an exotic mix of searing emotional fiction which makes for a spellbinding page-turner… The tale is not only about malevolence and horror, however, for the author also weaves in an exhilarating cross country road trip that pays homage to Kerouac, and brings with it steamy escapades and uplifting laughs, as well as a serious quest for enlightenment.”
Michael Hayes
Author of The Hermetic Code in DNA

Reviews from Publications

Blue Wolf Reviews: October 12, 2023.

The Journey Across Forever from Wayne Saalman is written in a spirit of positivity, encouragement and in the hope that his words will inspire a deeper understanding of all matters philosophical, spiritual and what exactly the word “enlightenment” means in today’s societies, which are full of change, falsities and materialism.

“Saalman believes that we are at a pivotal time in our history where change is moving, in many ways faster than ever before. As a result of that rapid change, he considers it important that we understand what being “human” really means and what happens, or perhaps how we gain a better understanding of what comes after our ultimate finale, death.

“Each essay provokes a different train of thought; each essay has a tale to tell, a lesson to be learned and much information to be gained about health, politics, spiritual concerns, and the fascinating concept that we are immortal. If this is indeed the truth, what exactly does that mean?

“Fascinating, intriguing and definitely containing subject matter that requires serious thought, The Journey Across Forever can be read in any order or to suit individual concepts. To fully appreciate the content, time needs to be allowed to consider the information presented.”


Phenomena Magazine: November 2023 – Issue 175.

The Journey Across Forever is subtitled “A Magical Provocative Odyssey Across the Ages, Around the World and into the Great Beyond” and indeed it is. But first, the book carries an impressive endorsement by none other than former Colonel John B. Alexander, who has overseen all kinds of weirdness for the U.S. army, so presumably he thinks the book is worth reading. Actually, the range of subjects considered in the book is truly vast and covers everything from UFOs and the pyramids, to Mt. Everest, social media, Einstein’s theories and the Nephilim, to “beat poets” like Allen Ginsberg…and just about everything else in between. It really is that wide-ranging. For this reviewer the most interesting chapter is Chapter 24 which concerns the work of the late investigator Jim Marrs and his views on UFOs and the alien agenda. That said, it’s difficult to pick out any one chapter as the best because of the sheer diversity of the subjects. In fact, the book is almost like a stream of consciousness with random thoughts being written as they occurred to the author. Fortunately, the book is very interesting and accessible, fascinating, informative, and well worth reading.

Exclusive Magazine, July 25, 2023

The Journey Across Forever is an impassioned and wholly investigatory collection of essays and personal stories intended to inspire. It is offered in a spirit of positivity to all who are questing for answers to the most compelling and profound questions a human can ask.

“As noted in the book, there are no easy answers, no shortcuts to the path of utter and complete understanding, but I am willing to bet that as more and more people begin to read this book, it will ignite some wondrous pleasures as they find their own path, create their own journey in life, perhaps even continuing to use this magnificent book as their personal map to looking at the world around them through a new set of awakened eyes.”  

Featured Work

A Journey Out of Darkness
- By Wayne Saalman

A featured essay in Ken Bruen’s book, The Galway Reflections. First edition by A.S.A.P. Publishing, 2021.

Astronomy Ireland Review
March 2020

Dreams of Flying

– A ten page review of The Dream Illuminati appears in Robert Anton Wilson’s Email to the Universe

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